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How Great the Wisdom and the Love

Piano Solo

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Jesus Christ, Atonement, Love, Hymn Arrangement

About This Song

Winner of an Award of Merit in the 2011 LDS Church Music Submission.

This song is a narrative of the Savior’s life—from the peaceful stable in Bethlehem, to His suffering on the cross, to His triumphant victory over sin and death.  The final section was inspired by Eliza R. Snow’s rarely-sung sixth verse:

“How great, how glorious, how complete: Redemption’s grand design,
Where justice, love, and mercy meet in harmony divine.”

This is the first song I ever wrote.  (Unless you count the things I wrote for college classes, which I don’t!)  In 2010 I was struggling to find a piano solo to play for church.  I considered trying to write my own hymn arrangement, but wasn’t sure I could write something worthy of Sacrament Meeting.  Besides, I had three small children and no time for music! 

The next Sunday I awoke with a bad cold that kept me home from church.  Three hours of uninterrupted quiet!!  By the time everyone returned, I had written half of the first draft. 

After playing the song in church, I decided that this would be my secret hobby.  No one would ever know I could write music.  Alas, when people asked me where I got the song, I had to admit the truth.  One woman chided me for trying to keep it to myself, saying that others could benefit from my music.

As I thought about her comments, I realized she was right.  And so, for the benefit of any who may need it, I am sharing what I have written.


March 15, 2017